Production, circulation and consulting.
Bureauproduire is a structure whose aim is to provide support for multidisciplinary artistic projects. Its activities extend from the production to the circulation of theses projects, to help artists on all administrative, production, communication, mediation and dissemination aspects. BureauProduire is also a force of proposition and invention towards the institutions in terms of projects to be developed together, to advise the person in charge, both on development and continuous training.
Today, BureauProduire works with Vincent Thomasset, Liz Santoro and Pierre Godard, Émilie Rousset, Thomas Quillardet, Paula Pi, Maud Le Pladec and Clémentine Baert, as well as four artistic teams in the frame of A.V.E.C., a dispositive initiated by the Théâtre de Vanves and co-developed with Arcadi Île-de-France.

BureauProduire, Association loi 1901
65 rue des Cascades, 75020 Paris France
President : Nathalie Vimeux
Treasurer : Rachel Spengler
Licence : 2-1099526, 3-1099520
SIRET in process

Graphic designer: Teschner—Sturacci
23, rue Juliette Dodu
75010 Paris